Every media project is different, requiring a specific approach in order to reach the desired goal in the most efficient and effective manner. Planning for a documentary, for example, is vastly different from planning a product shoot or creating illustration for marketing. With an increasingly diverse and complicated array of applications and platforms for media, its more vital than ever to define the full course of a media project before commencement.

Rockpoint provides a comprehensive service covering every aspect of media project planning, from the conceptualisation to final distribution. We will identify the primary goal and the key audience to create a perfect strategy to reach your objective in the most professional and cost effective manner. Even if you have little more than an idea, we can flesh it out and turn it into an elaborate project with clear objectives for production, marketing and distribution.


Following the initial strategy phase and armed with clearly defined objectives and a full technical outline, we will move into the pre-production phase. This is where all the planning takes place before the camera rolls. Whether its measured in minutes, hours or days, this planning phase sets the overall vision of the project including shoot locations and casting.

An important aspect of pre-production includes scripting and the creation of the storyboard to really smooth out the production and post-production process prior to editing. The more time spent defining shoots and edits at this stage then the more polished the final outcome, saving time and resources.


Whether on location or in the studio, our experienced production team will ensure that all necessary equipment, including cameras, sound recording and lighting systems, have undergone all necessary technical checks and are prepped to shoot. We will make sure that our technicians and production crew are fully synchronised with the director’s vision to ensure that shooting aligns perfectly with the brief.

In the case of location production, we will ensure that all licences, permissions and insurances are in place ahead of the shoot. Logistics including parking and on-site storage will all have been factored in during the initial planning stage.

Once all scenes, footage and additional media, including B-Roll have been captured by our team, the media files will be consolidated and sent on to our post production studio for editing.

Post Production

In keeping with the initial project planning outline, whilst also incorporating any improvements or desired adaptations during the production process, we will undertake the post production phase of the project, typically starting with the assembly stage to ensure that we have all the material needed and checking that it complies with the requirement.

This is followed bye mixing, where the actual editing takes place, integrating original footage and recorded material with composited elements (CGI & VFX), motion graphics and colour grading, all seamlessly blended with our sound to produce the final mix, ready for first review.

Client consultation and review continues throughout the entire editing process to ensuring that the progress being made is in-line with the brief. At this stage any required alterations or adjustments can be made to ensure the client is completely satisfied with the result. We will ultimately provide the master for approval prior to encoding into the final format.


After the review cycle and final approval process we will proceed to encode the video production into the required format. This may include delivery to online video platforms such as YouTube, corporate intranets or other mobile device platforms.

Rockpoint has a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge in dealing with different digital formats and deliverables. Our services also include duplication, conversion, transcoding and encoding.