Sound Design

Our sound design service was originally conceived with the idea of bringing affordable sound design to production companies requiring professional audio post production. Since going live in 1999 we have expanded our scope to include on set recording, field recording, audio editing, mixing and commercial sound effects (SFX), providing the ultimate audio toolkit.

We offer sound design that caters for film, television, commercials, radio, animations, games and educational media. Whatever your budget or requirement, we provide a tailor-made solution including freshly recorded audio as well as bespoke sound effects, created in-studio or taken from our vast in-house effects library. We can take your existing project and give it an audio makeover, providing greater clarity, impact and professionalism to your final production.

We offer a complete recording solution for voice-over actors and can even provide voice direction or advice on the best way to deliver speech, with the aim of bringing clarity and authenticity to your narration.

Radio Production

Why is radio doing so well? The latest findings from the Ad Association and WARC show that radio has witnessed a huge surge in adspend, rising 12.5%, while radio’s digital ad formats have grown almost 40%.

From live programs to commercials and information announcements, radio production is no longer a case of simply producing content for digital audio broadcasting (DAB) purposes. With constant technological innovations and lifestyle changes, other radio formats such as internet radio and podcasting are increasing in popularity.

We work with a team of musicians, engineers, producers, scriptwriters, vocalists and voiceover artists to produce the highest broadcast quality audio production and we are used to working to a tight deadline.

Scoring & Composition

Music can make or break a film and with more and more films being made, directors and producers are searching for ways to distinguish their work from the others. Scoring is as much an art as it is a science, but writing music is not just for “films” in the context of feature length movies or short films, but also TV shows, commercials, industrial/corporate videos, and any other medium you can think of where music serves a supporting role to a visual element.

At Rockpoint we fully understand the need to seamlessly blend all audio-visual elements into a compelling viewer experience. We also know how to be creative using originality and memorability, vital ingredients for for successful brand and product marketing.

With video game music being featured on national radio, the importance of composition for the gaming industry is clear to see. We are able to coordinate closely with directors and developers to produce thrilling, award winning compositions.

Audio Books

Rockpoint is able to offer a specialist audio book service by means of a seamless collaboration with a local audio recording company based near the city of Leicester in the heart of the midlands. The studio has specialised for the last 20 years in the recording of Audio Books, winning major awards for its various publishing clients. We can provide for every step of the process, from sourcing the voice to the final mastering and distribution.

The studio’s technology is state of the art with the latest hardware and software to ensure the best possible end result. We can meet almost any recording need and have specialist and experienced production and post-production teams to meet your requirement on any project. The design of the multi-studio facility means we can offer dedicated and assigned spaces, guaranteeing no interruptions or disturbance.