Rockpoint Productions

Rockpoint is a dynamic media production company with more than twenty years’ experience shaping the media and advertising industry. We continue to stay ahead of innovation and technology to provide the highest level of experience for both clients and their end-users.

At the heart of Rockpoint is a highly motivated and talented team of professionals, grounded in a wide array of backgrounds including; filmmaking, studio photography, sound design, journalism, television production, score writing, animation, special effects, conceptual design, project management and public relations, but more importantly we are highly qualified in communication.

We know that today, more than ever before, the success of transmitting a clear and compelling message is based on a well-defined approach and a healthy dose of originality. Today’s audiences and viewers are increasingly discerning due to the sheer volume of visual material they encounter on a daily basis.

Story telling is perhaps one of the oldest and most vital forms of expression known to mankind, shaping identity and social values throughout the generations. This is truer today than our ancestors could ever have imagined. The world has become one vast global theatre, cascading with stories, colours and sounds.

Whether you are a seasoned director in the advertising world or a start-up company with something to shout about, Rockpoint will provide you with the balanced and creative approach you need to accomplish your objective. If you need a helping hand defining your goals or realising your potential, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you with that as well.

We thrive on adventure and exploring new waters, both figuratively and literally, and we know only too well that often one has to push the boundaries to gain that extra edge. We look forward to exploring your next project with you and helping to bring your ideas into the light of day.

Ian Cattanach (Founder, Director)