Filming Iguanas in the Galapagos

Snakes versus dragons: how this sequence was filmed for Planet Earth II Cameraman Richard Wollocombe reveals what it took to capture the stand-out sequence of Galapagos racer snakes hunting baby marine iguanas en masse We filmed this sequence over a period of two years, in two trips to Galapagos of about 18 filming days each, adding up […]

The Art of Pulling Focus

Keen Eyes, Uncanny Instincts Keep Films In Sharp Focus. Written by Susan Stamberg. You won’t believe it — I didn’t — but the person responsible for keeping each and every shot of a movie in focus never looks through a camera lens. “No,” says focus puller Baird Steptoe. “We do not look through the camera […]

Does Film Matter Anymore?

We think a lot about words and over the years the word that has vexed us most has been “film” and by extension “filmmaking” and “filmmaker.” For the majority of our three decades covering this industry, the film industry and the video industry have been separate from one another. But as Hollywood began to abandon […]

Shedding Light on the Human Condition

From whichever perspective you look at editing, there is always something interesting, complex, and enigmatic to talk about. Different genres require different abilities, but generally there is an endless list of structural, stylistic, and journalistic rules that a long-form editor applies to a set of raw footage in order to craft a story that is watchable by millions of […]

Drones & Filmmaking

Not only for sports and news coverage, commercial drones are now increasingly being used for another relatively new frontier: film making. Aerial filming in movie production can provide audiences with more spectacular views than ever before. Now, celebrated television series and Oscar winning films are being captured with the help of this exciting, yet controversial new technology. Although […]

The Strength of Video Marketing

Over the past few years, video has taken over the marketing world. Many marketers consider it the most effective type of content. And they’re right… THE BENEFITS OF VIDEO The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video, and ⅓ of all online activity is dedicated to watching video. The amount of […]

The Power of Airwaves

Radio is enjoying a revival, as technological advances drive its evolution as an innovative and progressive ad medium. Radio has been a staple medium for years for many clients. Its emotional connection, competitive ROI, pinpoint regionality, cost-efficient alignment with talent and multiplier effect with other media has ensured its place on many plans. Yet for […]