Editing Services

Whilst our editing services are often incorporated as part of a wider video productions, we can also fine tune raw material and video clips shot from other sources. Using the latest editing software and techniques, we can work with virtually any format to ensure you’re left with a finished product that fulfils your marketing and business objectives.

Our post production services include video/audio editing, visual effects, motion graphics, animations, voice-over recordings (with script translations and foreign language recordings if required), music, sound dubbing, subtitling mastering and production of deliverables.

Colour Grading & Correction

Colour is a fundamental element of design and visual storytelling. In the world of video, colour grading is an art form all its own. As well as bringing uniformity to video clips drawn from different sources, colour grading also allows us to control the the mood of the image. A video clip conveys more than the content it contains. A varied and intentional colour palette in video can inform the audience in a multitude of ways.

At Rockpoint we use a multitude of colour grading tools, including DaVinci Resolve, to go far beyond basic colour “correction”, providing us the ability to manipulate light and colour in breathtaking ways that tell your story. Our colourists can now quickly define “looks” for the scene and have realtime tools that help us turn raw images into beautiful expressions of cinematic artistry.

Compositing & Effects

Once our edit is locked we will begin the process of video compositing where we make use of a wide array of tools and processes, all used to create a smooth seamless piece of work. Some projects will include titles, descriptions, subtitles and other simplified graphics. Blue/green screen footage is composited at this stage and additional visual elements like CGI, 2D/3D animation and other special visual effects are added into the mix.

Recorded sound, Music, voiceovers and sound design elements are also blended together with the visuals and the work is played through time and time again to ensure that all elements work together in perfect syncronicity to produce the finished piece.

Mastering & Deliverables

The final step in our production process is to produce the master copy of the final work, a self-contained digital file that matches or exceeds the codec quality of the original recorded acquisition. In most scenarios the final mastered video will then be compressed or converted into any of a number of different formats and made available in any required medium like broadcast tape, removable hard-disk or downloadable from our cloud based server, ready for any type of media distribution.

The bulk of the deliverables we prepare are files for broadcast or the web. Delivery of video files is a complex issue due to the large number of options for formats, codecs and settings. Unlike still images, video files are often too large to deliver over the internet whilst still in their original mastered form. At Rockpoint we have the experience and expertise to handle any encoding process, whether for broadcast or YouTube and we guarantee the highest quality results.