You should never cut corners on photography. Good photography is not just about having professional equipment or in-depth knowledge of the latest software and techniques. It’s about having the expertise and experience to work with you and your team to create unique images that quite simply stand out from the crowd.

Professional commercial photography for all your requirements. From event photography, to food, to architectural work. Our professional results have been used in many types of web design and print. We can also supply a mobile professional studio and we are also fully insured.

Product Shots

High quality product images are essential to make your products stand out and grab the attention of your customers. We take pride in what we do and understand that your images need to engage and persuade your customers to invest in your brand.We work with businesses of all sizes, to produce high-end professional product images. Our aim is always to provide affordable cost-effect images that offer real commercial value without ever compromising on quality.

We believe in a transparent approach with our clients and therefore there are no hidden costs involved. Every image (even the simplest image) is colour corrected and retouched to a high standard before being delivered to you in the format and size you require. All pricing is based on a sliding scale, the more products we shoot the less it costs per shot. Most costumers ship their products to us and we guarantee a one week turnaround service.

Aerial Photography

Rockpoint provides a full aerial (drone) photography services throughout the UK. Unlike other operators we only fly commercial drones which carry industry leading cameras to provide our clients with the best aerial photographs. Flying up to a height of 400ft, we are capable of carrying a range of professional digital cameras and a variety of specialist sensors such as the Canon 1D, Sony A7r and the 100mp Phase One.

The shoot will be monitored via real time video downlinks to the ground, significantly speeding-up the time it takes to complete the work and giving us complete control over camera and the results.

Product Concept & Rendering

Our studio offers product design and 3D rendering services, specialising in product realistic visualisation for all kinds of marketing purposes, starting from the development phase and testing, right through to final marketing images for online stores, presentations, websites, brochures and advertisements.

Our product rendering services provide perfect photo-realistic results that are ready for print or publishing in super high resolution. Having the ability to show off your inventory before it exists can provide huge cost savings and assist in discovering potential design flaws.

Product rendering is also a vital part of project funding, providing the ability to present polished ideas before even having to produce a physical prototype. So Whether your project is just a pipe dream, or you need a new visual approach to an existing product we are more than equipped to help.


Over the last few years, we’ve seen a rise in the use of illustration amongst some of the biggest names in the business. Illustration is no longer simply something used to create children’s storybooks and cartoons. Businesses like Uber, Slack and Google are harnessing the power of illustration to improve their communication with their customers. They all use illustration for different purposes and all been met with great success.

Illustration is uniquely personal. Allow your user to connect with your brand on a deeper, emotional level. Emotional design helps to humanise your product and minimise the difference between the user and the product. This makes the user feel more involved and invested in what they are doing.

Our illustration team will capture your target audience’s imagination and make you stand out from the crowd. All our illustrations are produced to work perfectly on any required platform, for a website or online media campaign.